Website Evaluation

Putting Websites to the Test

One of the best website evaluation tools out there is our own CSU Chico'sCRAAP test. The CRAAP test evaluates for: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose.
For Elementary, I suggest paring these down to three criteria for starters:  Currency, Authority, and Purpose
I also like to call these Who, When, and Why.
Who created this website? 
-Can we find the person/persons responsible?
-Is there an organization responsible for the website?
Is the author an "authority" on the topic?

Web Evaluation - Words to Know

Be sure to define these with your students.
Authority - Define and discuss.  What makes someone an authority?  What are things to look for?  Is the person a professional in the field, does the person have training and education on the topic?  Is the person cited or part of a respected organization?  Is the organization responsible part of a government or university (Watch out for student submissions!  Sometimes these get loaded onto university/school websites.  We often have no idea if these were A or F graded assignments.  Look for teacher-produced materials only.)  Is the organization well known and respected?
Bias -

"Fake" or "Hoax" Websites to Use with Students

These websites may look real (and your kids may have unknowingly even used their information at some point!), but they are filled with inaccuracies and often outlandish "facts" in an attempt to show just how easy it is to fool kids into thinking all websites are real.
Fictional biographies on well-known explorers.

How you can use aluminum foil to block mind control.
Burmese Mountain Dog
Who knew they looked exactly like German Shepherds?!