Accelerated Reader and Treasures

Treasures includes two types of readers supported by AR:

-Anthology/Student Book: Quizzes are part of the Other Reading Series quiz bank.  These quizzes aide in instruction and assessment but do NOT count for AR goals and points.  See the Treasures Anthology AR Quiz List.

-Skill Based Leveled Readers: Quizzes are part of the regular Reading Practice quizzes that students normally take in AR.  Quizzes on these readers will count toward AR goals and points.  It is important to make sure students are quizzing on the correct Quiz # for the exact Leveled Reader they read (see notes below on Labeling Treasures for AR) and that they locate Leveled Reader quizzes by Quiz # and not by title.   See the Treasures Leveled Readers Quiz List.

Student Anthology

Working with Anthology/Student Ed. Book using Other Reading Series quizzes

Again, quizzes for selections in the Anthology/Student Book do not count for AR goals and points, but they do aide in assessing comprehension, etc.

To allow your students to take quizzes in the Other Reading Series quiz bank, there are two steps to follow:

1)     The teacher must add the Other Reading Series grade level textbook bank to their class.  Unfortunately, this step must be done by the teacher – we cannot do this automatically for the district or site.

2)     Students should search for the Anthology quizzes by Quiz #.  There are often multiple versions of the stories in the anthology, and you want to make sure your students find the quiz that matches the version in the anthology.  See the AR Quiz List for the Treasures Anthology.

1)   To add the Other Reading Series grade level Treasures quizzes to your students’ test bank:

-Go to Accelerated Reader – Preferences.

- Click on Other Reading Series (under Classroom Preferences).

-Make sure your class is selected and then click Edit Other Reading Series.

-Scroll through the list on the right (click Next to advance) and locate all the Treasures quizzes and grade levels you want available to your students.   Click Add to add them to your list on the left.  Continue adding if needed.

-Click Save when done.

Accelerated Reader Labels for Treasures Leveled Readers

We have organized the quiz information for the Treasures leveled readers onto ready-to-print pdfs.   

To print your labels, you will need Avery 5160 labels with 30 labels per sheet to print these one.  These are available at Staples, Walmart, Office Depot, etc.   Stores like Office Depot offer their own brand-name equivalent, often at a lesser price.    

Please be sure that when you have students take Treasures Leveled Readers for AR quizzes that you have them search for the quiz by Quiz Number.  Since Treasures provides readers with the same title at the various reading levels (Approaching, On Level, etc.), it’s important that they pick the right quiz for the level of the book they read.

Treasures Labels ALL