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Grolier Online Kids

Grolier Online
CUSD subscribes to four quality encyclopedias through Grolier Online.  You can use Grolier Online at school AND home!   See your school library clerk or email the district librarian for login information.

General Information for States

FactMonster - The Fifty States  OR - The Fifty States
These are both from Pearson Education and include the same info with a slightly different design. Click on your state. In addition to lots of great facts (including history and state symbols), you also get information on important citizens of the state including current representatives.

State Facts for Students - US Census

Select your state from map or drop-down arrow.  Lots of quick facts on population, geography as well as the state nickname/flower/animal, etc.

Stately Knowledge - Internet Public Library
The main screen for your state has lots of general info.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  BE SURE to notice that there are other TABS at the top that have MORE options!  Visit the STATE LINKS, DID YOU KNOW, or STATE'S FAMOUS PEOPLE tabs.  Lots of great info!

Special State Topics


USDA State Fact Sheets
There's a LOT of information here, and it can be confusing.  IMPORTANT NOTE: The best way to find what you need is to click on your state then click on the link at the top that reads, "Top Commodities, Exports and Counties."  You will then find the top 5 Agriculture Commodities.


Blank Outline State Maps -
Blank maps for adding your own information, coloring, etc.

Learn the States & Capitals (Sites to help with memorization)


States and Capitals -
Color map with states and their capitals.

USA Map and State Capitals - CSGNetwork
Printable map with states and their capitals.


Ben's Guide: Place the States
Level 1 is pretty easy, but are you up to the challenge of Level 3?  See where your mastery lies!

State Capitals Quiz -
Quiz yourself with this multiple choice quiz.

United States Capitals Map Quiz - ilike2learn
Match the capital to the state to earn points.

USA Games - Sheppard Software
States & Capitals - Choose your level and your challenge!

USA Map Match Game

Games for mastering the states.  You get 21 random states and must drag the state to its location.  See if you can beat your top score!  Or your friends'!