Science Labs (Online labs)

Cell Labs

Fun game-like experience to learn about cells.   Learn and self assess as you go on your Penatagon-assigned mission to save the world. 
Another fun game-like lab to learn about cell membranes, diffusion, energy, transport, and osmosis.
Interactive education on cell structure and function, roles of organelles, enzymes. 
Practice labeling animal and/or plant cells. 
Mimics a real lab experience


Practice classifying organisms into their six kingdoms.


Listen and learn about the different parts of a flower.
Drag, drop, and check your answers
Slide show, Karaoke study, and self exam options
Cartoon like video describing important terms.  Self exam


Online simulation that teaches you how to operate a microscope in a realistic and interactive environment. 

More virtual labs!

A number of biology video games and virtual labs. Scroll down the main page to choose a biology topic to get started. 
Glencoe has an extensive list of virtual labs.  Check out labs in the Life Science, Earth Science, and Physical Science areas.
She has an amazing collection of online labs.  Select your grade at the top and then chose "Interactive Science" to see the labs that support that grade.