Natural Disasters

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General Natural Disaster Websites

Information on a wide variety of natural disasters and how to prepare for them, what to do during and afterward.

Natural Disasters - Natural History Museum
Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, Hurricanes, and Forest Fires
Earthquakes, Flooding, Volcanos, 

Good, kid-friendly information on a variety of natural disasters.

Preparedness guides for many types of natural disasters.


 Access information on the latest quakes, earthquake facts, great info on the Science of Earthquakes page, and more.

Earthquakes - Weather WizKids
Discusses earthquakes, what causes them, faults, and plate tectonics.

A 2 minute video on earthquakes.


Click through each page for more information.

LOTS and LOTS of links here!


Be sure to use the options on the left for more information!!  Topics include the Front Line, Tools of the Trade, and a Real Time Wildfire Map

Discusses the reasons for wildfires.  Be sure to use the options on the left for more information!  Topics include Elements of Fire, Natural Fire, Nature's Housekeeper, and Prescribed Fires.

Wildfire Preparedness - American Red Cross
Information on what causes wildfires and how to act.  Be sure to use the tabs at the top to see more information on how to Prepare, Respond During, and Recover After!

How Wildfires Work - HowStuffWorks


Discusses hurricanes, heavy rains, levee breaks, and flash floods. SEE OPTIONS ON THE LEFT FOR EVEN MORE! 

Video 3:00

How to prepare for a flood and evacuation information.

Historical Floods and Flash Floods
Information on some of the deadliest floods.

Timeline of Major Floods in World History - Scholastic


Landslides 101 - USGS (US Geological Survey)

Warning signs, what to do, etc.

Landslide Safety
Be sure to click through the other tabs for Prepare, Respond During, and Recover After

How Landslides Work - HowStuffWorks
Be sure to click through the pages for more information!


What causes a Tsunami? - British Columbia Emergency Management
Check out the Japanese words that make up the words Tsunami.
Then check out the very cool animation!  Find the link under the map and use the buttons to move through the animation.
Be sure to click through the topics/images at the bottom for more information.

Video (2:52) with real video, animations, and discussion of tsunamis.