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Mesopotamia is an ancient region in the middle east.    The two parts of Mesopotamia were once known as Babylonia and Assyria and later as Sumer and Akkad.  Today much of the region is home to modern Iraq.

Because Mesopotamia can be referenced by different names, when you research, try using these keywords:
Ancient Iraq

For example, if you're looking for "life in Mesopotamia," also try "life in Anicent Iraq" or "life in Babylonia," etc.

Also, try exploring these important Mesopotamian contributions: 
Hammurabi (important king of Babylon)
Code of Hammurabi (important laws written in stone)
Cuneiform (writing system invented by Sumerians)

Mesopotamian Mythology

Includes an easy to understand overview of Mesopotamia religion. 
Also includes an illustrated Story from Mesopotamian mythology.
Explore the Gods and Goddesses with short, easy descriptions of each.

A nice article explaining some of the basics of Mesopotamian beliefs.

Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses - List of Deities
From  the AMGG Project funded by the UK Higher Learning Academy
Locate a Mesopotamian god for more information.

Explore Mesopotamian Gods and Goddesses with a short description of each.

Very brief descriptions of Mesopotamian Gods/Goddesses.  See list that appears on the left.

Mesopotamian Resources

Grolier Online Kids GROLIER ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIAS - Ask your library staff for login information.  Search for "Mesopotamia."  Several articles to choose from!

Topics include Daily Life, Role of Women, Farmers, Religion, and more.

List of facts about Mesopotamia

Overview of the culture and a few of its most important contributions including Written Records, Religion, Math and Science, and Politics.

Interactive map provides a visual basic overview of the geography and early development of Mesopotamia.

Marriage in Ancient Mesopotamia and Babylonia - eHistory from Ohio State University
Describes marriage and family customs.

Details clothes and footwear worn by the Sumerians.

Learn about the picture-writing system used in Mesopotamia.

Mesopotamia - Kids Discover
This is a great guide, and you can get it digitally by clicking on the image that says "Click to Enlarge".


Grolier Online Encyclopedias - Search for "Ziggurat."  See library staff for login information.

Short article that mostly focuses on Ziggurats
Click on the pictures to learn more about the excavations of Ur.

Interactive diagram of a Ziggurat


Just for Fun

Go on an interactive dig to discover Mesopotamian artifacts. Click "Go to Dig Site"

Video of Ancient Mesopotamia

Click on the interactive magazine to read this kid-friendly guide to Ancient Mesopotamia.