Famous Americans from Amer Revolution/Colonial Era

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Abigail Adams

Biography plus a great video on Abigail.

Quick Facts, but be sure to click the link to the full biography.

Biography of Abigail and a video.

John Adams

Biography and a video on John Adams.

Interesting facts about John Adams!

Quick stats and facts.

Samuel Adams

Biography and a video on the Sons of Liberty.

Be sure to notice that there are MULTIPLE encyclopedia articles on him.  Click on the tabs to view other articles.

Crispus Attucks

Nathanael Greene

Nathanael Greene - New Georgia Encyclopedia
Includes his early life, military career, The Southern Campaign, and life after the war.

Short but interesting facts.

Nathaniel Hale

Accounts the details of Nathan's spy mission. 

A short biography of Nathan Hale.

Be sure to click through the arrows to view all three pages.

Thomas Jefferson

Biography and video. 

Dates, facts, and links to more information on TJ.

Marquis de Lafayette

Very short biography, but a good start to understanding who he was and why he was important.

27 Reasons Why We Should Honor General Lafayette - American Friends of Lafayette

Molly Pitcher (Molly Ludwig Hays McCauley)


Short introduction to Pocahontas.

Be sure to click on the different sections on the left to explore different times of Pocahontas' life.

Biography and video.

Pocahontas - National Park Service

Betsy Ross

Short discussion of they myth.

A bit long (be sure to click through the page numbers at the bottom), but it does a really good job discussing the myth.

George Washington

Biography and video.

George Washington - Smithsonian
Be sure to click on the different links on the left to learn more about different times in his life like Early Military Career, etc.