Endangered Species

Find out which species are endangered

World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) - Endangered Species Directory - Provides names of species and endangered status.

Bagheera: Endangered Species - A list of endangered species and links to more information.

Wildlife Defenders: ESpecies Fact Sheet - Choose from a long list of species and click for more information.

Time: 10 Species Near Extinction - Photographic walk-through of endangered species.  Find one that interests you.

Look for Books (Destiny) and Encyclopedia Articles (Grolier) - Look up information on specific species.


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More information! What does it mean to be endangered? What are possible recovery solutions?

Bagheera: The Plight of Endangered Species - Tells how many species are endangered and more general information.

ARKive: What is an Endangered Species?  Explanation of what it means to be endangered.  Also see the sections on Why Are Species Endangered?, and What is Being Done to Help Endangered Species.

Discusses endangered species protection and recovery plans.  Be sure to also visit the links on Captive Breeding and Managing Small Populations in Captivity.

Provides a good overview of the issue of endangered species and the Endangered Species Act.

10 Things You Can Do at Home to Protect Endangered Species - Endangered Species Coalition
on Change.org
Kid and family-friendly things that can help protect wildlife.

Discusses the ESA and profiles six endangered animal success stories.

Provides a list of some of their protection measures to try to help endangered species.

This packet is an informational packet for students and it is packed full of information on endangered species!  Words to know, timelines, lots of information on factors that lead to a species becoming endangered, a description of the types of animals that are most at risk, an overview of wildlife laws, student activities, and more!

Endangered Species - Fort Wayne Children's Zoo
Similar to the packet above but it includes different information, so be sure to check it out. Info includes words to know and a discussion on why it's important to learn about endangered species and a good discussion on human's impact on species.  Also, a discussion of laws and how kids and families can help.

Lots of ideas for how to protect animal and plat species.


A short video set to soft music emphasizing some of the most popular species that are currently endangered.  An emotional piece that quietly calls to the viewer to take action.
Reviews successes and challenges with efforts to save endangered species around the world.

A short video with background information on why the act was needed and its impact.
A long video but interesting.  Meet George, the last Pinta Island tortoise.  He has since died since the video was made leaving that species now extinct.  Meet other last of their kind species and learn about severely endangered species.


Spanish Websites

Discusses the 10 most endangered species on the planet. 

Discusses several of the most endangered species.

Define extinction, various conservation statuses, why species become endangered, and what can be done.