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Grolier Online Kids

Grolier Online
CUSD subscribes to four quality encyclopedias through Grolier Online.  You can use Grolier Online at school AND home!   See your school library clerk or email the district librarian for login information.

General Animal Websites

Animal Diversity Web - Online database of animal information from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.  Use the search box to locate information on your animal.

eNature - Another great database of animal information managed by the National Wildlife Federation.  The site uses the data used to create the Audubon Field Guides. 

National Geographic: Animals & Pets - Explore your favorite animals.


Animals in Our Backyard

Gray Wolf in California aka "Journey" / aka OR-7

CA Dept of Fish and Game: Gray Wolf - Provides California Gray Wolf updates and information. 

Wikipedia:  OR-7 - I don't recommend Wikipedia often, but it does have a good collection of news articles on the Gray Wolf in California.

Chico Area Animal Resources

Chico Creek Nature Center - Click on the Nature tab to find information about animals who make the Chico Creek their home such as Salamanders, Rattlesnakes, and more.  Be sure to select Dangerous Animals for Mountain Lions, Bears, Bats, and Coyotes.

Keep Me Wild - CA Dept of Fish and Game - Learn how we can be smart about our encounters with wild animals and their habitat.


All About Birds - Lots of bird information plus really cool birdcams!

Bird Web - From the Seattle Audubon Society

Butte County Library

Butte County Library
 Visit the Chico branch of the Butte County Library to checkout more books for your animal report.  Visit their online catalog to place a Hold on books you need from any branch location.  They'll quickly gather them and alert you when they're ready!