Ancient Civilizations

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Grolier Online Kids

Grolier Online
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Ancient Africa (Kush/Nubia)

The Story of Africa - BBC

Meroe and Aksum - Kidipede
The history of these two kingdoms include discussion of the Kushites.

African History - Kidipede
Early African history.   See also Early African Economy.

Overview of a History of Kush - Teachers' Curriculum Institute
Nice two page student handout with good information on Kush.

The Kingdom of Kush - KidsKnowitNetwork
Brief history of Kush.

Nubia/Kerma - History Files
Includes a great timeline.

Ancient India

Ancient India for Kids - Kidpede
All kinds of information from a history professor at Portland State University

Ancient India - BBC
Click on any of the blue topics for more information.

Geography of Ancient India - British Museum

Indus Valley Civilzation - BBC
Very visual and very kid-friendly!

Ancient India - Britsh Museum
Really cool interactive story of Ancient Indian history as well information about the Buddha, Geography, and more.  Some pages take a moment to load.  Others, you may want to click in the main area to "help" it load.

Ancient China

Ancient China - British Museum
Click on the links for the information you want.  Watch for new link options as you move around!

Ancient China - Kidipede
LOTS of information from a Portland State University history professor.

China: History - Infoplease
Look at the Early History section at the beginning of the article.

Religions of Ancient China -

Roman Empire

Roman Empire - PBS
LOTS of great info!  Follow the links to all kinds resources.  If you dig deep enough, you'll find some great interactive stuff.

Roman Empire - Infoplease

Ancient Rome -
LOTS of information here.  Be sure to check the video lists on topics of interest too.

History: Romans - BBC
Expand the topics for more information.

Ancient Rome for Kids - Kidpede
Lots of information from a Portland State University history professor.


Aztecs -
Information and be sure to check out the video lists too!

Aztecs -

Aztecs - British Museum


The Lost Inca Empire - Nova
Discusses the rise and fall of the Inca Empire

Inca: History - Infoplease
Be sure to check out the More Info links.

Guide to Inca Empire -
Don't miss the additional links at the bottom of the article to a Timeline and more!


The Rise and Fall of the Mayan Empire -
Be sure to look for videos on this site too!

Maya - Infoplease
Questions and answers about the Maya.   See also Maya Prehistory.

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Butte County Library
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