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Click the link below to access Home Connect.  You can also find the link on your school's website on the Library page.

Renaissance Place Home Connect for Accelerated Reader (and Accelerated Math)

Renaissance Place Home Connect allows your parents and students to login from home and view information on their child's Accelerated Reader (and, if applicable, Accelerated Math) progress.    It is a fantastic resource to help parents monitor and encourage their child's progress.

 - Colorful progress bars that show the child's performance towards AR points as well as average comprehension and average reading level of books read.
- Total number of words read for the current marking period or for the entire year.
- A colorful personalized bookshelf featuring ALL of the books the child has read and quizzed on with quiz performance information for each book.
- And the BEST feature of all - EMAIL ALERTS - which send a short email to the parent every time the student takes an AR quiz.  Signup is super quick, there is NO spam, and the only email parents will receive will be AR quiz alerts for their child.    This is a great way for parents to become cheerleaders for their children and recognize and encourage their reading efforts. 

Home Connect is ready NOW for parents and teachers.

To access Home Connect:
Visit your school's website, click on the Library page, and locate the Home Connect link.   The login information is the same login your child uses to take AR quizzes at school.   Your child's teacher can also provide you with the login information for their child.


Teacher Information

Printing Home Connect Information for Families
 You can print a class report which will generate personalized Home Connect information for each parent.  The report informs parents about Home Connect, provides the link, and their child's login information.  It's quick to print and great to hand out at Back to School Night or Parent Conferences.
To print reports for your families: 
Login to Renaissance Place
Click on the Renaissance Home Connect tab on the bottom right.
Click on Reports.
Select Information Letter - English (or Spanish)
Select your class and then View Report.
That's it!  You have a copy for each child's family.

FYI - A parent's login to Home Connect is the same username and password that their child uses to access Renaissance Place for quizzing.
Take a Sneak Peak at Home Connect (Demo)
You can use the following link as a demo account to see a sample of what Home Connect looks like.  This demo site is a great resource to use when you want to show off Home Connect to a group of parents without using actual student data.  Feel free to use the demo at Back to School Night, Parent Conferences, or other occasions you may have to show off Home Connect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can students take AR quizzes from home through Home Connect?
No.    Students may not login to Renaissance Place (where AR quizzes are taken) from home.    Home Connect uses a separate link, and all information on Home Connect is view-only.  There is no actual quizzing.

How do I get my child's login information for Home Connect?
In many cases, your child may know his/her login information and can share it with you.  Your child's teacher can also provide this for you.  You may also contact Michelle Kelley, the Elementary Teacher Librarian, for help in obtaining login information.

Where do I find the Home Connect logon link?
The link to logon to Home Connect can be found at any CUSD elementary school website on the Library page.  You can also find it here.