Literacy Games

Literacy Games

Reading is the most important tool for developing literacy, vocabulary, and reading comprehension.   Our first recommendation is that you provide as much time for reading for pleasure as possible.  Our school libraries have Beginning Reader collections and other resources that provide independent reading opportunities for students.

If you would like additional activities to promote early literacy development, consider the following resources.  We recommend limited computer time for young students:

One of the most popular reading sites used in our schools.  Lots of reading and phonics activities.

Activities by grade level.

See their list of free Reading Resources organized by grade.

Apps and Games that promote literacy.

Featuring PBS characters, you'll find a few reading-related games here.

Free Online Books

Use these resources as a fun activities in addition to plenty of access to books in print:

Animated and online stories

Some great quality online books. You do have to create an account, but it's super quick and easy!  Titles include full copies of popular books by popular authors for up to 10 year olds.

Our public library includes access to and a selection of titles available for reading on electronic devices.