A One Stop Shop for Students and Teachers

As technology is in constant motion both inside and outside of the classroom, and resources are evoloving in the world of digital learning, I have decided to create a "one stop shop" for both teachers and learners. Please use this guide to find resources such as Accelerated Reader, Renaissance video tutorials for teachers, students, and parents, a list of digital resources, learning tools, research, and much more. Be sure to check the guide often, as I will be updating it frequently!

Library Resource Guide: Your one-stop shop for all things reading, resources, and research!

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Be sure to check back often as she is updating the site frequently
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FOR THE TEACHER: Inquiry Based Learning

What is inquiry based learning? In simple terms inquiry based learning is defined as "learning by asking." Students will investigate solutions to open questions during class time. Inquiry based learning is rearch based and teaches students to effectively problem solve using explicit steps to answer a burning question they may have about a topic that interests them. Proper inquiry cannot be taught by teaching students to simply "Google" a subject or topic. Proper inquiry is taught by using explicit instructions, and by teaching students how to navigate through the steps of the inquiry process of: wonder, asking questions, explore, constucting new knowledge, shared thinking, reflection, and act and change. Inquiry also teaches students how to gather appropriate resources from the library using the library catalog, and how to find databases online that are appropriate and reliable. If you are interested in having Mrs. Brown join your class for a few weeks to implement Inquiry Based Learning please email her at: mabrown@chicousd.org
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