Digital Citizenship

Classroom Curriculum

Common Sense Media
Teachers - Every child should be receiving thoughtful guidance on how to conduct themselves in a digital world.  Check out Commonsense Media's Digital Citizenship Curriculum.  Thorough lesson plans, videos, student and family activities, and more are there and waiting for you! Set up your free account, preview the materials, and use with your students. 

Digital Citizenship Resources for Parents

CommonSense Media - Use the search bar to find reviews of popular tv shows, movies, and apps (including social media) to determine if they are appropriate for your child.  Use the Parent Concerns tab to explore important digital issues,
There is SO much great stuff at CommonSense!!  Some of my faves:
Super short, and super informative videos!
Great overview of important parent topics with links to high quality resources.

Social Media Age Restrictions - (Graphic from Wigton Academy)

Age restrictions for Social Media Platforms. 13. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Reddit, Snapchat, Secret. 14. Linkedin. 16. Whats app. 17 Vine and Tinder. 18 and above. Youtube, Keek, Foursquare, WeChat, Kik, Flickr.